Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wire jewelry and a hand "claw"

   I wanted to create something fun with the wire jig. Somewhere amid the hours of Internet and Pinterest searching I’ve done for wire jig ideas I came across a Christmas tree. I gave it a try.
   I suppose a wire tree like this can be used as a pendant or an ornament. I figured I would try to make two smaller trees as earrings. I started one but then decided I wanted to move on to something else.

   The “something else” I ended up making was a wire-wrapped cuff bracelet. I always set out to make a cuff bracelet different from the last but I always end up following the same template.

   I’ve mentioned in the past the pain I get in my hand and wrist from working too much with wire. Well, I still tend to have those issues. Sometimes it reminds me of a clip from an episode of the sitcom “Friends,” where the character Chandler gets a hand “claw” from playing Ms. Pacman for so long.

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