Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trick-or-Treat in September

   I finally made myself sit down and make some kind of holiday-themed jewelry. In this case I made a couple of Halloween bracelets. 
   Several months ago Jules gave me some wonderful odds and ends from back when she made jewelry. Some holiday pieces were among that stash. The charms I chose to use are really cute and have bells in them for an extra surprise.
   For the first bracelet I created the usual wire-wrapped cuff and included a ghost charm on it. And for most of the wrapping and stringing of the beads I used black craft wire.

   For the second bracelet I decided on a charm bracelet. I cut a length of chain and attached a toggle clasp. I started the bracelet with the two pumpkin charms then filled in with orange and black beads.

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Anonymous said...

Love them!!!!