Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A success and a challenge in the Creative Cave

   When I first started on this blog adventure I did so to share my successes and challenges in making jewelry. This post will share both – a success and a challenge. 
   I piddled around for a while in the Creative Cave, tidying up then rolling some paper beads. Then I decided to make some earrings. I used standard earring findings, headpins and beads for all of them.

   Now for the challenge. I make most of my wire-wrapped cuff bracelets with a silver-colored wire. Periodically I like to make a gold one, but I am yet to find a gold wire as sturdy as the silver I use. (Reminder, the wire I use is from the hardware department).
   I did not let this challenge stop me from making a gold one. I also wanted to use some of the buttons Jules got for me a while back. First I tried stringing two rows of buttons, but that didn’t work too well so I decided to only use a few buttons.
   I guess I am too strong to use the gold wire. As I wrapped the wire and buttons I altered the shape of the cuff. And of course I just gave up after a while and put it aside for another time.

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Anonymous said...

The first weekend of October we will go back to the Old Mill open house for another button treasure hunt!