Friday, November 1, 2013

I turned into Edward Scissorhands for a Halloween project

   Yesterday, for Halloween, I was Edward Scissorhands. 
   No, I didn’t have a costume. I decided it was time to cut back the butterfly bush and jasmine taking over behind my house. I thought for sure that the jasmine would eventually just lift up the house. And both had gotten so big they started taking over the steps leading to the yard.

   I had a couple of visitors while I worked. First, a daddy longlegs showed up. Then, fitting for Halloween, my feral rescue Kitty Bob paid me a visit.

   As I worked I uncovered a shepherd’s hook and a trellis that I had forgotten about.

   Now for the big reveal - the cleaned up version. It is kind of sad how bare it all now looks. But I know from experience it all will come back.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good!