Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hoping an organized workspace will spur motivation

   Just as my home and vehicle require regular cleaning and maintenance (maybe I should get on that), so does the Creative Cave. 
   Instead of napping and being lazy on a winter-looking, gray and overcast day, I decided to straighten up my crafting workspace.
   Oh boy! I had beads in anything that would keep them from rolling off of the table. I also had a wire mess. It reminded me of the mess you can run into when trying to unravel and hang Christmas lights.

   I think I managed to regain some order in the Creative Cave. I put beads in the storage containers I have. I organized my wire into separate baggies. I took control of the Christmas ornaments that had accumulated as I STILL try to make a wire hanger wreath.

   Just as happens sometimes when I take on organization projects in the house, I uncovered items I had forgotten about. In fact, I found some Chapstick that I knew I had around the house somewhere. I am hoping the organized space, as well as some “found” objects, will aid in my crafting inspiration and motivation.

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