Friday, November 22, 2013

With this ring...I have more than I can wear at one time

   I have made more wire rings than I have fingers and toes. 
   There is something fun about wrapping wire around a ring mandrel and seeing what I can come up with.
   The rings I make most often are the one-bead rings like the red and green ones in the photo. My inspiration for this style can be found at “Oh Everything Handmade.”
   The other rings in the photo are experiments. The copper ring has a button from an old Bedazzled kit attached to it. The blue ring is styled after the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I like to make.
   I have learned an important fact while making these rings. Even if I start wrapping the wire around the size 7 mark on the ring mandrel the actual ring size will shrink a little once I start the final wraps and/or bead attachments.

Thankful Thought
   Today I am thankful for the woodland creatures I see periodically around my house. I am fully aware of the potential danger and damage associated with wild animals, but seeing them around my house reminds me of when I was a girl growing up in West Virginia. Back then it was so common to see a fox, deer, raccoons and even a bear around my family home.


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Beautiful rings! I, too, love the critters that visit our yard! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Teresa Ann said...

Thanks so very much Marci!