Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday projects are looming

   It felt like it had been forever since I had spent any length of time in the Creative Cave. I made up for that yesterday. 
   Project number one when I got out there was to organize and straighten things up a little.
   Project number two: Christmas ornament wreath. I made it as far as securing the caps on each ornament with glue. I need lots more ornaments of varying shapes to complete this project. If I had read the blog post a little closer I would've seen and remembered that the poster/crafter used about 80 Christmas ornaments. The dozen or so I picked up at a thrift store over the weekend are nowhere near enough.
   In getting the thrift store ornaments out of their bags I found quite a few hooks. I'm thinking there's a project out there somewhere that can make use of these.
   My third and final project made use of some really pretty beads I found on clearance recently at a craft store. Of course I used wire and made a cuff bracelet, my favorite type of bracelet to make. I also threw together a pair of matching earrings.


Anonymous said...

Love the new beads! I also think another epic yard sale adventure is in our future. We'll call it "Operation Christmas Ornament Extravaganza!"


Teresa Ann said...

I agree!