Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Buttons and belts make bracelets

   Buttons and belts have become my latest craft obsession. 
   I have a board on Pinterest named “Jewelry Ideas.” Whenever I come across something I like I pin it to that board. The idea is that I will eventually try to make some of the handmade jewelry pieces I’ve saved on there.
   One such pin that caught my attention shows how to use old belts to make bracelets. You can find it at Fave Crafts.
   I found some old belts recently during a thrift shop visit with Jules. Even though I only spent 35 to 50 cents each I was afraid I would mess them up if I started cutting them. So I tucked them away for a while.
   I guess I finally found my nerve yesterday because I pulled out the belts and a bag of buttons and went to work.
   I used the belt holes to my advantage on the first belt bracelet I made. I popped big, shiny silver buttons into each hole, using wire to keep them secure. I measured out the length I wanted with a ruler. On each end I used a one-hole hole punch to make holes where I would connect the clasp. I made my own jump rings with some wire I had on hand because I needed loops larger than any of the silver jump rings I had.

   For the second belt bracelet I decided to taper the ends in the hopes that when I used the hole puncher to attach the clasp I wouldn’t run into the problem I had with the first one…having too much space between the hole and the end of the belt.
   After I measured out the length I wanted I used the hole puncher to make a hole in the center of the belt strip. I took a fancy gold button and wired it into that hole, similar to how I did it on the first one.

Thankful Thought
   Today I am thankful for my home. It may not always be clean or in order, but it is shelter and a safe haven. It keeps me cool in the heat of summer and warm in the winter. It holds memories within its walls. Every mark on the wall or stain on the carpet has a story.

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