Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brown bracelets and a wreath that is giving me fits

   As I was pulling together the photos for today’s blog post I realized I must’ve been in a brown mood…whatever that might mean. 
   I made two bracelets, both with beads in shades of brown. I used a wooden button as a centerpiece for the wire-wrapped cuff bracelet.
   I’m not sure if I am going to keep the memory wire bracelet as is. Something about the charms I put on it doesn’t work for me. Maybe they are too large for the bracelet. The charms are attached by jump rings, so I can remove them easily if I decide to go that way.
   In other crafting news from the Creative Cave, I am having fits making an ornament wreath with a wire hanger. I guess for me this creation is a trial by error project. Sometimes when I try to arrange the ornaments one will pop off, even though I have glued the caps onto the ornaments. I’m not sure at this point how many times I’ve taken all of the ornaments off of the hanger and started over. I have to search more on the Internet for tutorials I guess, because it sure doesn’t seem like I am doing it right.

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