Friday, November 8, 2013

A button necklace and ornament hook earrings

   I made a necklace without using any beads, chain, jump rings or string. 
   I found little baggies of all kinds of buttons at a local thrift shop recently (here’s where Macklemore’s song will play in your head). I took one of those bags and some 24-gauge wire and went to work.
   I cut a length of wire, ran it through a button hole, then wrapped the wire around itself a few times. I added a silver bead or two then added another button. Hopefully the photos I provide here will show it better than I can explain it. Once I got a length I liked I used more of the 24-gauge wire and attached a toggle clasp.

   Since I had buttons on the brain it occurred to me there was a way I could use the hooks that I found in a bag of ornaments from my Saturday morning yard sale outing with Jules. The hooks are made of a bendable wire so it was easy to make some holiday earrings with them.

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