Saturday, November 9, 2013

I finally did it! I made some memory wire bracelets

   Wow! It’s a college football Saturday and I’m not posting about it! Today I am talking about the memory wire bracelets I made.
    It probably shouldn’t be a surprise at this point that once I try a new craft I become obsessed with it. I was that way with the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets, making paper beads and making wire rings.
   Since we are a little over a month away from Christmas I decided to make a memory wire bracelet in shades of red and green. I quickly discovered you can use any length of the memory wire, depending on how many wraps around the wrist you want and how many beads you want to use. A simple loop using needle-nose pliers at the end of the wire closes the ends.
  Once the holiday bracelet was finished I immediately started another one, then another one.

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