Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yes, I put up a Christmas tree before the turkey is even cooked!

   I really need to get back to making jewelry. And I will, so please be patient with me. The holidays – and weather – have me a bit frazzled. 
   I usually wait until at least after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas tree, but not this year. I’m not really sure why I’m getting a head start, but I guess the more I get accomplished ahead of time the better.
   Yesterday I shared photos of the Christmas centerpiece I made, so today I will share some tree photos. The hubby and I got a new artificial tree this year. We really needed to…our other one had a section of lights that didn’t work, thanks to curious kitties. Also, this new one is a slim tree so it fits better in its living room location. Now I just need to find a tree skirt. I think I have one somewhere in the Creative Cave.
   I have plans to make more jewelry. In fact, for those of us in the Palmetto State, there is a big college football game coming up this weekend. I need to get busy making jewelry in the colors of Clemson University and the University of South Carolina.
   Oh, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to venture out for some Black Friday shopping.

Thankful Thought
   Today I am thankful for my hubby. While I am writing this blog post and watching the news, he is up prepping for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal. There are some great smells coming from the kitchen right now.

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