Friday, December 13, 2013

A blue bling blog post

   Get ready for a sparkle overload. Instead of focusing on today being Friday the 13th I am sharing a sparkly bracelet and rings.
   I picked up a bag of beads at the fabric warehouse I visited recently. I gave myself a little challenge…to make jewelry with those beads.

   I made the wire-wrapped cuff bracelet first. I just had to do something with that center bead, and since there was only one in the package it made sense to me to use it as a center bead. The rest of the bracelet was filled in with smaller beads that were in the package. I also used some silver beads I had in my stash.
   Since I had more sparkly beads in the bag I decided to make a couple of rings. I wasn’t sure when I started how they would turn out. Most of what I make always starts as an experiment.

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