Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Christmas poem for Caturday!

‘Twas four days before Christmas, in a house full of cats,
and I heard a sweet purr as they started to stir.
The kitties were restless, there’s so much to see,
By the window are toys all hooked to a tree.

While I at my laptop preparing a blog,
little Zuzu is sneaking some of hubby’s eggnog.
They were working together, a four-legged scheme,
To go after the tree as a three kitty team.

While saving the eggnog things suddenly went dark,
When Wolfie began gnawing like a beaver on bark.
He chewed through the wire and all the tree lights went out
Then Beau grabbed some garland and began flinging it about.

With eggnog-wet whiskers, Zuzu attacked the tree skirt,
She kicked and she rolled like she was playing in dirt.
The hubby and I jumped up in a fit,
trying to grab at the bottle with water to squirt.

Our efforts were in vain, for those kitties are spry,
We aren’t going to catch them no matter how hard we try.
More tired than mad, we knew we’d been had,
By three little kitties with a great master plan.

“Oh Wolfie, Oh Zuzu, and dear little Beau,
you can level decorations wherever you go!”
I took a deep breath and began cleaning the mess,
While hubby grabbed tree wire, to do what? I could guess.

He’s not an electrician, but to me he’s a magician.
He fixed the chewed wire, now the tree we admire.
The kitties are hiding, all nestled under the bed,
with visions of tree climbing planned in their head.

By now we’re asleep, the house is all still,
Until a loud crash woke us up, when the tree took a spill.
The stockings were pulled from the mantle and crashed,
Many ornaments and presents were all tattered and smashed.

"That’s okay," we decided, in our half-awake state,
"for it’s a time for love, not anger or hate."
We did what we could, getting everything picked up,
All the while staying calm, trying hard not to crack up.

When the work was all done, we had to confess,
The kitties are fun, even while making a mess.
Ornaments and trees we all can replace,
But nothing compares to that sweet furry face.

It is the holiday time and pressures can mount,
But let’s not forget, what really counts.
Find love in family, and spirit in friends,
and hang on to the moments for one day they may end.

*This poem is the creation of Teresa Ann at AptToCraft.


Anonymous said...

Love the "Hurricane Triplets!"


Kimberlee Gibson said...

Cute poem. We have 2 cats and they like to chew on the tree branches or the ribbon on the gifts - which then causes them to get sick. I spent a good hour today with our carpet cleaner cleaning up the spots from the last 2 days.

Teresa Ann said...

Thanks for writing Kimberlee, and for taking the time to read the poem. I hope your kitties are doing well.

Teresa Ann said...

Thanks Jules! The triplets certainly are entertaining!