Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wire jig ornaments

   I pulled out some wire, my wire jig and some buttons and tried to make some Christmas ornaments.
   Back in September I tried making Christmas jewelry and used the jig to make a Christmas tree. I think the wire tree could be used as an ornament or a pendant on a necklace.
   This time I wanted to make some cross ornaments. It took me a few tries to get the pattern I wanted on the jig. Once I did I wasn’t sure then how it would all hold together. All of this really was an experiment.

   I picked up some pretty buttons at a fabric warehouse over the weekend. I just knew there would be something in that grab bag that could work as centerpieces on the wire crosses.
   I used wire to attach the buttons. The more I worked with these the more I realized these little creations also could be used to adorn packages in addition to serving as ornaments.
   I hope to work on ornaments similar to this again soon and use the wire wrapping technique with beads that I use on the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets.



Anonymous said...

You've done it again! Created something beautiful out of almost nothing. Love them!


Teresa Ann said...

Oh you are so sweet! Thanks!