Sunday, December 22, 2013

Psalm 23 beads for a bracelet and pendant

   Several months ago I made a Psalm 23 bracelet. I was inspired by something I found on Pinterest.
   I wanted to revisit that style for today’s post. This time I wanted to use some memory wire. I ran into two issues with this idea. First, the number of beads in the Psalm 23 bracelet weren’t enough so I doubled the color combination. Second, I feel like it still isn’t long enough. To me a bracelet with memory wire needs to go around the wrist several times. I guess this bracelet still can make a nice little statement though.

   Next I wanted to make a Psalm 23 pendant. My first idea was to just make a long row of beads. But this time there were too many beads and I felt like the pendant would be too long.
   The wire I used was flexible so I just made a little circle with it and the cross dangles in the middle.

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