Monday, December 2, 2013

First a belt then a bracelet

   I had to do a little housekeeping in the Creative Cave yesterday. But once that was complete I got to work on handmade jewelry. 
   You may remember I recently made some bracelets out of belts I picked up at a thrift store for cheap. I had so much fun with it that I couldn’t wait to get more belts.
   The first belt I worked with this time had lots of chain and stones. I knew immediately what I wanted to do and that it wouldn’t require much work.

   One end of the belt had a lobster claw clasp. I used that as one end of the bracelet. Each section of stones was connected with jump rings, so it was easy to take it apart and make the bracelet the length I wanted. I removed the long chain on the other end of the belt and cut it to a shorter length and attached it to the other end of the bracelet.
   I pulled out a couple of other belts to work on, but I haven’t done much with them yet. I had to glue the cut ends on them so I am letting them dry before I work with them.

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