Thursday, December 12, 2013

Every time a bell rings...

   Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Is there one you can’t make it through the season without watching once, or twice?
   My absolute favorite is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I love the story. What a great message…”No man is a failure who has friends.”
   Even though I have seen the movie a “gazillion” times (yes that is a unit of measurement…lol) I still pucker up at the same scenes in the movie. And I can quote right along with many of the lines.
   I like the movie so much that one of my furry babies is named Zuzu, after George Bailey’s little girl in the movie.

   I also really like the 1938 version of “A Christmas Carol” with Reginald Owen.
   Another movie I like and can’t get way from at Christmas is “A Christmas Story.” There are some great lines in that movie.

   I could probably go on and on with a list of Christmas movies – from Elf to A Charlie Brown Christmas to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – but I will stop here for now.
   What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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Anonymous said...

Too many favorites to type! Miracle on 34th Street (all versions) A Christmas Story, Scrooge with albert Finney etc. On and On LOL Good morning Sweet Zu Zu!