Friday, December 6, 2013

Lessons learned from a holiday fair

   I ventured out on a foggy morning yesterday, with coffee mug close by, to visit a holiday fair. 
   I had so much fun. When I first walked in I had a bit of sensory overload. I didn’t know where to start. I stood for a few seconds then turned right and started what ended up being about a three-hour adventure.
   As an amateur crafter and handmade jewelry maker I enjoy visiting shows like this. I like to shop. I like to see what is being sold. And I like seeing how booths are set up and decorated.

   Some things I learned from this outing:
  1. Don’t go hungry. We always hear about not going grocery shopping if you’re hungry. Well, I speak from experience when I say don’t go to a holiday arts and crafts fair hungry either. I couldn’t help myself. I tried cheese balls, olive oils, banana breads and chocolate goodies. And ya know, I bought some of all of it…lol.
  2. Take a tote bag of some kind. Heck, I even saw folks with pull/push carts for carrying all of their purchases. I did not do this; therefore, I had several plastic bags hanging off of my wrists as I shopped around.
  3. Have cash. While many vendors take credit and debit cards there may be a fee for parking and fair entrance. Thank goodness for an ATM machine inside the event location.

   I will close this blog post with this…I came home completely and utterly pooped. Not only did I go to the holiday fair, I also visited a fabric store and a nearby mall. I didn’t get anything at these stops. I wore good walking shoes so my feet and legs were supported well for the three hours or so of walking I did at the convention center. My back, however, was and is a different story. Once I came home I settled in on my couch with a heating pad on my lower back.
   Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

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