Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm surprised I'm not wrapped in fleece!

   Apparently I take on any new craft with gusto. (Except the wirehanger ornament wreath of course).
   I recently made my first no-sew fleece blanket. Now I might be hooked. I have purchased fleece to make more.
   Holiday-related sales have made it so easy for me to gather what I want. Combine that with my drive and determination to get the best price on everything and look out! That drive for deals led Jules and I to a fabric warehouse yesterday. Talk about overwhelming! Oh, and the warehouse only is open to the public three days a month.
   Once I got my bearings I started throwing things into the shopping cart. Our first stop was a bin full of buttons. It looked as if Jules and I were digging for buried treasure.

   Jules found some great fabric for a chair and fleece for a dog bed. I couldn’t resist the fleece with kitties on it, as well as some Christmas fleece.

   Then came the bargain bins. I couldn’t pass up getting a few jewelry-making items. We also found some clear storage bags. Those items are in the photo above next to to the bin full of buttons.
   My day of shopping did not end there. After the fabric warehouse we went to Hancock Fabrics. They were having a great sale on fleece and since I needed more I started filling the cart.

   Oh, since I’m sharing photos from my Saturday I might as well share the last photo from the day. I had to make a stop at a local hardware store and couldn’t resist getting a photo of this orange and purple tree. Talk about taking fandom to a new level!
   As much as I would like to get started on making those fleece blankets I am afraid that will have to wait a day, for I have to head out on some more errands today.

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