Saturday, December 7, 2013

Everyday is "Cat"urday at my house!

   I am certainly not the first person to use the word "Caturday." However, as the parent of the hurricane triplets in my house I think I can safely say that every day is Caturday…or maybe a “cat”astrophe.
   As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, these furry, precious and cute little (well, not so little) balls of fur have their own way of wreaking havoc - specifically with the Christmas tree.

   The first Christmas that Beau, Wolfie and Zuzu spent as my cats they quickly made the artificial tree their toy. I wasn’t even aware of their sneaky behavior until the morning after I put it up. I plugged in the tree to start decorating and right at eye level was darkness. Lights did not come on. As I inspected the tree I found wires chewed in two and branches bowed as if they had been used as steps. Grrrrr! Simple fix…string clear lights onto the tree to make up the difference. This particular tree only survived a few more Christmases here at “Cat”erwall Estate.
   This year’s tree dilemma has proved itself a little more difficult. We put up a brand new tree and the cats didn’t seem to pay it much mind. Well, that must’ve been their ploy to lure the hubby and I into a false sense of security. Just the other day, as I was working on this blog, I noticed the lights went out on the tree and at about the same time I heard a cat scurry away. I thought maybe the plug had just been pulled out of the outlet.
   Wishful thinking!
   Okay, let’s see if I can explain this, the cord leading from the plug is actually two cords twisted together. One of those cords had been chewed right in two. Gee, thanks Wolfie. Was that scurrying away a reaction to perhaps getting an electrical shock?
   I seriously do not recommend doing what I did next. I plugged up the tree and touched the severed wires together until the lights came on. Once the lights were on I taped the wire. A quick fix but not a good one.
   My attempts to hide the wires and cords when the tree was unplugged were in vain. Just recently I tried plugging in the tree and nothing happened. Upon further inspection I found chewed tape and wouldn’t ya know it…the wire and plug are now completely free from the tree. YIKES!
   I will search the Internet for some kind of DIY fix. I would like to think this issue can be fixed but I am not entirely confident.
   Okay, here’s the bottom line. There is no kryptonite for kitties, at least not mine. I’ve tried water sprays, peppermint, orange peels and everything else you can imagine or find on the Internet. I guess this once a year aggravation with the cats and the tree is nothing compared to the years of entertainment, companionship and joy I get from them.

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